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Host a Murder Mystery Party with Mystery 207

We are Maine's most popular murder mystery company.  Transform your event into an unforgettable Murder Mystery Party. We are staging crime scenes all over the state for events such as team building and birthday parties and everything in between.


A murder mystery party is a themed event where attendees dress up to match an era or a theme. They will then work together to solve a fictitious murder which occurs during the party. This event is often compared to a live-action version of the game Clue!

The Party Guests

The party guests cooperate to investigate the murder and uncover key clues. As a guest, you also have the chance to become a suspect. By the end of the party, you and your team will try to guess who did it, how they did it, and why they did it.

You should keep an eye out for hints about the killer’s motive and opportunity that only the guilty suspect could have.

The most successful murder mystery parties will hire one or more professional “Murder-pros”. These actors keep the plot unfolding while guiding your guests in the right direction without giving too much away.

Overhead View Of Sherlock Holmes Deersta

What to Expect

Our murder mystery parties are an immersive experience.
Your host(s) will be fully costumed–and you are encouraged to do the same! We provide additional props and clothing to clearly identify your more outgoing guests chosen as the main suspects.

Almost any group size can participate in a mystery party–from eight to 250 people and up! Our events have risen in popularity as effective team building events. Depending on the size of your gathering, guests will work individually or on teams to solve the crime.

You’ll witness and participate in fun skits and check out physical evidence. This drives the mystery and creates mini-goals to accomplish throughout the night. Pay attention–potential detectives could nab a key clue or be sent on a wild goose chase!

Fancy Dinner Party

Themes We Offer

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The 1920's

Have your friends prepare for a night they will not soon forget with a 1920's inspired murder mystery.  Dress as flappers and millionaires as you enjoy a dinner party and experience a mystery.

Cowboy Items

The Wild West

Hold on to your hats as this dinner party brings you into the wild west.  Guns, whiskey, and good times await.

Pirate Flag


Become a member of the crew as you solve a mystery that will have your friends singing A Pirates Life for Me.



Put on your poodle skirts ladies and slick back your hair gentlemen.  Go back in time and have a swell evening filled with mystery and possibly a murder...



Want to give your party guests a mystery but not into murder?  Our titanic story will put guests in the middle of a mystery filled with elegance and class.

Dinner Party

Custom Ideas

Have a theme that is not listed? Get in contact with us and we can work with you to customize an experience.

Let's Plan Your Next Party

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